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Project Description



This dated 1 bedroom seaside flat was to be turned into a bright, luxurious 2 bedroom residence; providing better storage; a outdoor space at the back; and to be useable as both a holiday rental home as well as a private residence.

To achieve this Petra converted the dark kitchen at the back (and looking out onto an unattractive heap of overgrown soil, with only about one meter wide strip of garden) into a small 2nd bedroom. Much of the soil, which was a left over from a previous landslide, was removed and a 3 tier decking was put in is place, to now not only provide ample outside space, but also to sure up the hillside against further potential landslides.

The kitchen was relocated into the living room and installed alongside one wall, almost like a large side board in a large living room.

By moving the kitchen into the living room and installing it alongside one wall, the former kitchen could be turned into a second bedroom. By suspending most base units of the new kitchen and fitting strip lighting under the units, the look and feel is more that of a large dresser than that of a kitchen. Using mirror as a splash back along the entire wall, created an extra feeling of depth and light, and enables the person cooking still seeing the people sitting in the living room area.

The walls between the bathroom and former kitchen were removed and re-sited, so as to provide more space to the rear bedroom. A bricked up fireplace was also opened up and custom built wardrobes were fitted along that wall, to provide ample storage for clothes and books. The bathroom was completely turned around and now effectively provides a built in shower cubicle at one end of the bathtub. Built in mirror cabinets under and over the basin and over the concealed toilet cistern, provide ample storage. A full height mirror strip between the basin and bathtub further adds visually more space and light. Under floor heating was installed and a radiator was inset into the dividing stud wall to provide two heating options.

To provide essential storage for the flat, the area under the hall stairs was closed off with custom built doors to hide ample storage, a washer dryer, Hoover, ironing board, etc. in a now well lit and organised area. Overhead storage in the hall section outside the master bedroom, which was previously rather inaccessible only from within the bedroom, is now accessible from the hall, through an almost invisible flip up ceiling panel, which provides much better access to storage on either side of the access panel.

The door to the master bedroom was also moved to the side, so as to create an alcove behind it, where a large wardrobe can now be positioned.