C. & L Quaedackers



After a successful project in Brussels, where Petra helped us to decorate our new art deco apartment, we now again asked Petra for help.
We needed great ideas how to renovate our tine bathroom in the guesthouse in our summer home in France.

There were many challenges to overcome. A tiny space with sloping walls on two sides in a baking house from 1744, meaning nothing is in a straight line and all the pipes were old and too narrow.

The previous owners had put a bathtub under a sloping roof, which was very difficult to get in and out of and impossible to stand up and have a shower in it. The bathroom was also way too small to build a shower next to the bath.

That was why we needed Petra’s help again.

After a clear intake discussion, Petra had a good idea of the challenges. She started various designs which we discussed, until she finally came up with the winning design. The end result: a great shower room, where every inch has been used to achieve the highest efficiency, and good storage despite all the sloping walls and uneven corners.

We now have a comfortable walk in shower, a large basin with storage space underneath and a modern new toilet, without any leaking taps etc. What a blessing!
We have already received great feedback from our returning guests, who were used to the very inefficient former old bathroom. It is a real pleasure now to take a nice shower after a very warm and sunny day in France.