G. Goodhead



I struggled to make the right colour choices for the kitchen of my self-build home and called Petra in for a consultation.

Not only did she help me with great feedback on my project but also gave me certainty as to what colours to choose. In the process, she even came up with very helpful suggestions, how to improve the kitchen layout, which I had not thought about, but she also gave me great suggestions for my several bathrooms too.

Petra is very easy to talk to and she was more than generous with her time and advice. The thing that struck a chord with me most was that she didn’t just advise as ‘to what to do’ but that she explained the reasoning behind her advice in such a great way it literally painted an image in my mind’s eye of how it would look. I can honestly vouch for Petra as being at the top of her game. I would not hesitate to recommend her, this was money well spent! Thank you Petra