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Petra’s niche is home transformation, and with ROOM4STYLE she offers a pick and choose service, for each element, from consulting & planning to completion, whether it is simply for one room, a bathroom, a kitchen or a complete home transformation and refurbishment.

CONSULTATION: Petra always starts with an on site consultation, during which she takes the time to get to know you, your home and your energy, and to understand your plans, ideas, and the lifestyle of those involved, ensuring that every suggestion and recommendation she comes up with, is tailor-made to YOUR NEEDS. During this process she will validate your ideas, and give her professional advice and considerations, followed by a consultation summary report.

TRANSFORMATION PLANS & PROJECT BRIEF: From that, a project brief and plans follow, which take into consideration details such as the side of the bed you need your light switch on, what kind of cooking happens in your kitchen, what storage needs you have got, or to establish the feel of a texture and colours that exudes comfort and elegance for you. Meticulous attention is given to such details, so a completely bespoke layout and design is created for you, that is a balance of practicality, flow, harmony and style, whilst emphasising the atmosphere you want to achieve.

PLANS & DRAWINGS: Once the brief is complete, estimates can be obtained and detailed plans can be drawn up for the layout and changes to the space, which will, once agreed with you, include all the infrastructure elements and a schedule of works for the builder, plumber, electricians, security, sound, etc. and quotes for each service can be obtained.

ON SITE WORKS: Once contracted, each project will have a schedule of works and a mile stone plan, so you can follow the progress step by step, until the transformation is complete.

FURNISHING: The furnishing and styling phase can either be planned with and around your own furniture and furnishings, or we can source every element of furniture, goods and accessories for you.

DRESSING & STYLING: We can also dress and style your home so that every last piece of furniture, bedding, cutlery, candle, throw, and piece of art on the wall is in place.

CAVEAT: Budget for final dressing. When it comes to the last few weeks of a transformation project, all too often, the renovation cost is over budget and the project is out of money. Often no allowance has been made for the final dressing, which is a most crucial step to actually turn a property into a home. Art and accessories are crucial to this, so it is very important to have a separate budget for this last stage of a project to ensure the home is truly complete.


A home transformation and renovation project inevitably causes disruption and can mean a lot of dirt and dust while works are undertaken, particularly with bathrooms and kitchens. This is not only inconvenient, but can be quite tiring and extremely stressful. Especially so, if you have time constraints, are limited for space, work from home, or have children or pets.

Petra, therefore, suggests you consider going on holiday whilst your home is being renovated. Getting your renovation or interior design project completed whilst you are away or on holiday is an ideal solution, one that has been welcomed by many of her clients. Petra and her team will undertake the transformation on your behalf, making the process much more stress free and effortless, whilst you will be kept in the picture with regular feedback, progress videos and images.

Close your eyes, just image this for a minute….. you are laying on a sun bed, one foot dangling over the edge. You are slowly rejuvenating in much warmer climes, drinking an ice cool drink and experiencing the sand between your toes, whilst we will be in the dirt, dust and working around chaos, transforming your home, which will be clean and ready for use on your return. Imagine how it will feel to return refreshed from your trip, tanned and relaxed, to a brand new home. Petra and ROOM4STYLE can create that reality for you.

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